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Pay for your own Caricatures at Caricaturelives. Ping anytime via whatsapp +91 9442783450, for your requirements. Caricaturelives will be feel happy working with you!

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We update our art skills on every day, every minute, so we offer unlimited styes based on your requested themes and ideas. Get your caricature within 5 to 7 days. Courier service in India, free of cost.

Caricaturelives care your suggestions and satisfactions

We Care your suggestions, respect your privacy

We offer unlimited corrections on sketch level only after paid. We never share the Caricature artwork on time (3 months more) without your permission.

10% rate cut offer from caricaturelives

10% Rate cut offer on Image Head Used

We give a special 10% rate cut offer, if we used your "Image Head" on caricature. Yes, Most of people expect their face with photo reality. So this offer will be statisfied their exception

  • Experienced & State-of-the-Art
  • Sketch Level Correction
  • Higher Dpi Soft Copy
  • Any JPG, PNG, PDF Format
  • Pay bill via Net Banking, PayPal, Payoneer

Rate Card

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Event Live Caricature via Whatsapp

The best way getting a on-the-spot-live caricature via Whatsapp
on your event, birthday party, group engagments, receptions, farewell party, celebration and any occasions.
So How it works?! Please if you have any questions?
Let me know via whatsapp: +91 9442783450 or

Fixed Rate for Live Caricature - Head and Shoulder (Inked B&W only)

Table B
Single Person 05 Members 10 Members 25 Members 45 Members
Rs.350 Rs.1600 Rs.2800 Rs.6000 Rs.9900
Jpeg Soft Copy only / No Refund


a) This is Creative artwork process, so we request 100% Bill Amount helps speedy your order(b) No correction accepted on any levels (c) Free Courier Service in India only. (by ordinary service) (d) Orders completed within 5 to 7 Days, Sunday Holiday. (e) Updates avail on Whatsapp, Send Best Photos for Best Result. (f) We offer 50% Refund, if you are not statisfied on low preview. * This offer Valind on Table01 Rates (g) We are Caricature Artist; do not expect photo reality on Caricatures.
Terms and Conditions apply. Contact: Caricaturist Sugumarje, Creative Head – Whatsapp: +91 9442783450. Email:

Payment Methods

We accepts Paypal - Xoom - Payoneer - Net Banking
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How we works?!

Caricaturelives, one of the best caricature provider
You need to pay Advance. Firstly, we care and develop your idea, then we request best quality photos. After some hours, we send to you face sketch for your suggestions. We make the correction on it. Finally we move coloring process after the sketch approved by you. Next we send you Face Colored Caricature for your review. Color edit, hair style correction available. On this level you need to pay rest of bill. Next your caricature will be ready after some hours. Free wordings available.