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Caricaturelives, Welcomes you. Feel free to ping on your whatsapp to +91 9442783450. One of the best caricature provider, Caricaturelives, ready to working with you for your caricatures

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about caricaturelivesCaricaturelives, the best, never go with template designs and no head fix magic on old bodies. Yes, we are making individual designs for every orders, by manual art, digital coloring with HD 1080p e-invite and Higher resolution printable (300Dpi) soft copies based on your interest. So we make a caricature, very special for you, you pay for your caricature only. Be proud with Caricaturelives

about caricaturelivesMr. Sugumarje, Creative Heat at Caricaturelives, well known Caricaturist in India. He is best in Individual and customized themed or idea based caricature maker for a einvite and printable wedding caricatures. He is very fast in capturing a person as a caricature on his charcoal within 90 seconds at live caricature events. Strong knowledge in art fields and everyday updated skills based on clients requirements

about caricaturelivesCaricaturelives never start from templates or head change on old bodies magic. So we are ready to start with your idea or theme. If you add any samples from other artist works, We are ready to go that same theme... but in our style only. Never be a copy-cat

about caricaturelivesBe proud with your own themed caricature at caricaturelives. We respects clients privacy, so we not share that caricature in any social media or networks. We only use on our caricaturelivs website after the 3 months onwards (we not mentioned your name or emails)

about caricaturelivesCaricaturelives servicing with online based in India and Worldwide. We have a studio at Tiruchirappalli. We are best on traditional wedding attire, free style and special themed caricature, gift caricature or group caricature

about caricaturelivesFeel free to say your suggestion on sketch level. We offer unlimited sketch corrections after full paid, so be clear on your sketch corrections. Sketch, corrections and color preview updates available on whatsapp

Images: Thanks to Freepik