We are delighted to have created a new Caricature painting for you. You will certainly enjoy this and your Caricature. Our greetings.

We are making this painting for you from beginning to end. We share with you every stage of this painting. Since it is our duty to satisfy you, we ask you to pay the full amount for this work. Only then can your caricature painting do it quickly and tidyly depending on your preference.

This arwork will works for invitation

First, Please contact the Mr. Sugumarje (Creative Head) via Whatsapp by +91 944278450 or via email: caricaturelives@gmail.com

Send or let know the team for your own idea or sample, otherwise ask caricaturelives for samples. Mostly we do not share clients' orders as samples without their permission. So we are ready to guide you for a new or with a fresh idea itself.

After you are okay with it, select the bill and pay. We accept your bill amount through this ways.

To pay through banks, HDFC, ICICI, SBI available. To Pay through GPay, or to pay through online, use PayPal available. Please contact via Whatsapp by +91 944278450 or via email: caricaturelives@gmail.com and get the account details within 30 minutes

After we received the full payment of the bill, we request the photos of you or your loved one or both. More than 2 photos with straight looking face are working for the best result in the final output. After they completed the photo collection, we ready to start sketching.

You can request to say the suggestions on flat-colored-level preview within 5 days. Then we update your suggestions on that painting. Before the complete level, we send a preview to you. We have not finished, untill you are happy with that painting. And please note, this looks like you, not a replica or a photo-realistic.

The final painting will be completed within 14 days. You can get high-resolution PNG (300Ppi) via email. The original size of the painting is 40x30 cm (H and W Dimension is based on painting output)

Finally, you can get a chance a 2 type of a caricature painting, 1) Simple type flat coloring with the shadow, and 2) Live type real coloring with light and the shadow. So double happiness?!

We ready help you, which type of photos working for best result, Check this

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