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1. Why does a caricature of myself look so weird?

We use our creativity and exaggerate the features through modifying the chin, cheek, nose, eyes and the shape of the head. Everything is manually done and no computer Software, Filters are used for generating caricatures. Creating a mind blowing Caricature requires a witty outlook and a great sense of humor. Perceptions differ. Hence, we provide 3 corrections on the Sketch once the order is placed and the payment is received. You can select the one of your choice.

2. What are the different options available to art lovers?

In literature, a caricature is a description of a person using exaggeration of some characteristics and oversimplification of others
His/ Her caricature would look something like this!
We have to understand that the artist's skill lies in the fact that he has to get creative when exaggerating the features of the proposed person. However, a portrait is a drawing that is an exact replica of the person.
Some people enjoy their own caricatures however most art lovers prefer only their portraits.

3. If I do not like the artwork, do I get a refund?

Of course, Yes. We give "Do not like" offer on sketch level only. if you dislike the sketch in spite of even after 3 corrections, you may choose to drop your order however, the bill amount for sketch is not refundable. On the way of artwork process before final, we give more corrections. If you not satisfied on this level, please let us know and you get 60% refund of your payment. Sounds good? So what are you waiting for? Place your order at caricaturelives.com!

4. Why should I place my order with Caricaturelives?

Well. Here is what you get… Upon receiving your order, we work on your request. Your satisfaction is most important, so we ensure to go the extra mile for it. Your bill is inclusive of all of the below:
• Correction offer with no extra cost. (Sketch Level 3, Coloring level 3)
• Neat and perfect drawing
• Best with Person's Identity and Details
• Best Artwork Print - 2 Numbers
• Preview Copy (Low resolution)
• High Quality Copy (High resolution) - No extra Cost
• Free courier in Tamilnadu.

5. Some Caricature Artists charge differently. How are costs determined for caricature works?

We are artists and as it is, art is invaluable. We spend long hours looking for nothing but spotless perfection matching the photographs with our work! We invest our unique talent and time working towards an exemplary finish, meticulously. Don’t we deserve a fair price for this painstaking effort?
I have done extensive works on costing based on the efforts and pains taken to bring about the highest standards in the finished product and so I stick to these rates in order to cater to the art lovers across the different levels of the society.

6. What are the steps to get one's own caricature?

• Pick two of the best solo pictures of the person.
• pay your bill for sketch of single, couples or groups.
• Email the pictures to caricaturelives@gmail.com
• Once the payment is confirmed by our bank, the sketch will be ready in 3 hours

7. Do you do black and white caricature?

Caricature looks its best in colour!

8. What are the methods adopted by you for creating these art works?

We do not encourage photo to caricature Effects or using Filter Effects for caricature works. All caricatures are manually drawn to ensure perfection. We use state of the art technology for enhancing the visual experience. We use Digital Pen Tablet (Wacom Intous) and drawing software. Technology is used in case the layout of the image is vast however we stick to customer requests and cater to their needs by providing tailor made solutions for their artistic needs.

9. I need real manual art! Can you help?

We use Pastel Artwork on Paper, and Acrylic Artwork on Canvas. Please drop a line to caricaturelives@gmail.com, so we can help you more with your query!

10. Do you do caricature for 'cash on delivery'?

We regret the inconvenience caused. We only use the funds transfer method for payments.

11. What are your credentials as a caricaturist?

I believe in continuous improvement and inspire of drawing, painting, sketching, caricature and portrait drawing for twelve years continuously, the urge to learn has never stopped within me. Hence, I am still a budding artist in a way! I have done more than 100000 numbers of artworks including Cartoon, Illustration, sketches and Live Caricatures. For customer feedback, click here. Most my Caricatures, illustrations, Story Illustrations, Sketches, Artworks, Character drawings are done for US, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Indonesia, UK and Chennai, Bangalore. Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Madurai, Coimbatore, Selam and Trichirappalli

12. What other methods of payments are acceptable?

PayPal. Google Wallet, Western Union, E transfer and Bank Deposit.

13. Why say no Template?

You pay for your own Caricature, why you like or need template? Ask you Original. Caricaturelives only gives individual theme, concept and background for every order

14. Copyright Details

You are the owner for your caricature. Caricaturelives have the copyright on Caricature Creation. You can resize, share any media ot web, make print-outs. Editing the caricature artwotk, copy, overdraw is prohibted Please email your queries to caricaturelives@gmail.com so we can help you with your queries. Thank you!


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