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Caricaturelives welcomes you. We happy to working with you. We are ready to working for you based on your theme and idea for your caricature needs. We never go with old template, stands with #SayNoToTemplate.

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We are lot of years experienced and professional Artists in manual art and digital coloring
wedding caricature offer

Caricaturelives offered, best higher resolution (more then 350 Ppi) with personalized theme or simple theme caricature, by e-copy, best e-invite caricature with theme by e-copy and ready to gift caricature on glassless photo-framed laminated (wall handing type) via courier. We offer 1st sketch level corrections and 2nd level color edit only. We are making it complete manual art method in digital. No Head changes on ond bodies magic and templates. Every orders done individually with clients themed only. Be proud with Caricaturelives
So, why you are searching a template caricature, template cartoon design caricatures? Start very new with your style, Just ping to Caricaturelives via WhatsApp: +91 9442783450

10% rate cut offer from caricaturelivesWe give a special 10% rate cut offer, if we used your "Image Head" on caricature. Yes. We are very professional artist and try to give 99% perfect in Artwork output. Most of people expect their face with photo reality. They getting lot of different from photo to artwork. We decided to satistified like minded people. So we come to this point. Why photo reallity in art? We use your photos for Head portion only. Rest will be complete artwork. At the sametime we give a 10% rate cut offer on your order based on bill rate. And this offer will be rounded on final. (ex. Rs. 3240 will be Rs. 3200 only) So are you ready?