Do not be shy or hide your best photos, we never share your photos to anyone. Please do not share selfie, tiny images and blurred photos.

Caricaturelives guide you, we need what kind of photo for your caricature... Sure, we draw a sketch from your photo, with manual art process. So the sketch is similarity with photos but not 100% reality and do not expect like as a photograph. And If you are not okay with best or good photo, the caricature will reflect the same. You know? We never did photo realisitic Caricature. We are not a Camera tool or a smudger, Just Artist.

Please check the upcoming photos

Need more details, contact the Mr. Sugumarje (Creative Head) via Whatsapp by +91 944278450 or via email: caricaturelives@gmail.com

  • Try to avoid top, bottom head position photograph
  • Find your best expression in photograph
  • The photograph should be in best resolution only, otherwise we not accept order
  • Avoid selfie photo or zoomed photograph
  • Try to understand the light effect makes the facial diffrences, we are going with based on photgraph only, not with our lighting effects
  • Check and find the problem on faces with reslut of different focal lengh lenses
  • Which is best Resolution
  • Try to avoid head left or right turn photograph, use stright looking one

Thanks for interesting, we are happy to share this guidelines with you
Photos are taken from poison-ivy l johncarnessali l nofilmschool l spinlight360 l dpreview

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