Caricaturelives artists are working with digital drawing method for coloring and painting with world standard best digital drawing software, based on traditional art style, like as a oil on canvas or watercolor on paper.

Without seed the plant, the tree will not germinate. If you want a delicate scented flower, you have to pay the price. Or you have to go down to the soil and farm and for wait untill this bloom. Will not allow anyone to pick on the fence flowers. So please stop asking "Just Soft copy". Otherwise we happily educate to you, go and search any other caricature provider.

You never ask just cofe, you never ask just life, you never ask just friend, you never ask just help, then not ask just copy!

Caricaturelives not offered "Just Copy"

Need more details, contact the Mr. Sugumarje (Creative Head) via Whatsapp by +91 944278450 or via email: caricaturelives@gmail.com

Terms and Conditions

Please Read

Caricature is Funny Thought with Person's Identity! We are 99% Perfect Hand Drawing Caricature Artist. It is really Dare thing for new ones... For Gift Caricatures and Live Caricatures. Please Read...

1) Gift Caricatures are based on Photos
2) Share your Caricature looks, Portrait Style or Exaggerated Style
3) Give Perfect photo; get the Perfect Caricature
4) Hand Drawing with Digital Coloring Caricatures
5) For Caricature, please send Clear Front view Photos, minimum 2 Numbers and more.
6) Need Sketch? You must pay. The sketch is Available on Pencil or Ink Drawing (BandW only). No Watermark
7) By the Sketch needs Correction, We Care Your Suggestion... multiple revision available.
8) We continue the Process after fully paid only.
9) Refund? Yes, Available. please see on here REFUND

Are you okay with "just Cofe?!"
10) If you okay with the Sketch, we can move for next process.
11) Free Simple Background (White, Wine Red and Sunset Yellow Etc.)
12) Requested Dress-code with design Available on Professional rates(Original Wedding Attire)
13) Requested Background Available on Extra Cost
14) Requested Personalize theme, Concept and Ideas No Available
15) 40x30 cm (Similar to A3) Plus High Quality Soft Copy Available. (make print yourself 5Feet or more size, Vinyl or other media)
16) We accept E-Transfer or Deposit to Bank, PayPal.
17) Inform or Let me know the Paid Details on SMS or email
18) We do not do "Cash on Delivery"
19) Final Caricature completed within 10 days. 5 to 7 days, after the 1st Sketch completed.
20) If you need Print Copy of Drawing, you can get it by Courier on 10 Business Days
21) Print cost will be added based on your required sizes and Courier service Rs. 100 fee in Tamilnadu - Rs. 300/- for Other States in India - Urgent Rs. 1000/- Via Blue Dart or any. This service not available for abroad
22) You can get your order Caricature 2nd Copy any time with Extra Print Charge.
23) Your caricature is yours. We have the rights of the Art and Art Styles.
Caricaturelives stopped Personalized Wedding themed caricatures
24) If you call Caricaturelives for Live Caricature You must register your Name, Event date with Rs. 10000 INR (3 Hours) and Travel Charges Rs. 1000 INR per 100 km.
25) Cancel your Register of the Live Caricature, anytime within 24 Hours with less 70% Money Back Your Cash not return back after 24 Hours of Register.
26) You must paid Full amount after end of the Live Caricature Event.
27) We are not Accepted Corporate Event, Party, Engagements without minimum 3 hours and Rs. 25000 INR Advance Paid.
28) We give the Right of use the Caricature Artwork, can reprint on any kind of size or medium and publish your way.
29) We have the Copyrights of the Artwork, what did by Caricaturelives and never misuse it.
30) Thanks for understand the Art and Artist
31) feel free to call with Artist on Mobile by 09442783450
32) All disputes between ARTIST and CLIENT subject to Tiruchirappalli jurisdiction only.

Terms and conditions are subjected to change without perior notice

Refund Details:

a) You paid your bill completly, but no idea to do Caricature! Get 50% Refund within 10 Days.
b) You paid Advance Rs. 1000 or more, for sketch and pose; but you are unsatisfied! Sorry, you cannot get Refund on this type.
c) You paid your bill completly, We do Process on sketch, pose and coloring level Preview. But you are unsatisfied on this result. Sorry, you cannot get Refund on this type.
d) As per conditions of getting Refund, you loss your authority of the art, Caricaturelives takes ownership of that caricature artworks.


Admin and Creative Head

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