Being with Individuality

We make a Caricature for you with very individual style, idea and theme

Art is valuable, why? Because it is something that is beautiful, and beauty is something hard to capture. We use art to show are sense of style and feelings to bring brightness in the world. Art contains so much history,think about it... the artworks we have today play a huge role in our knowledge of history. (Thanks to Here with Caricaturelives, you pay for your Caricature only

Make it with your desired pose, traditional costume and make-ups andunforgettable wedding with your Caricature, Perfect output for Hindu, Christian and Muslim religious and non-religious wedding styles. You can choose your background and add subjects like a Nation’s monument, green valley, garden and your home too, actually it is unlimited.

We make thrill, adventure, and awesome theme for you. Ride on bike, car, aero plane, bullock-cart, skate-board, and world tour etc, catch the movie scene, and be proud as a super power Hollywood star, catch the scene from Ramayana, Mahabharata and from any great tales, tell your love story, actually it is unlimited

We never use our old template, design, concept, theme and dress-codes. Caricaturelives draw manualy by new, fresh for every client's order. Be pride with Caricaturelives and Individuality. Caricaturelives is running with skilled artists, leadership with Sugumarje, Creative Head. Are you Ready? Whatsapp to +91 9442783450 or mail to: We are happy working you.